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Love Restored

Holiday Film

written by:  JB Dunn and Georgia Vinson

Script Available Upon Request

CATHERINE “CAT” ANDERSON, in her late twenties, has been worn down by a life of disappointment and loneliness.  An orphan since the age of six, Cat, attractive despite her crumpled blue waitress' uniform, spends her holidays waiting on other lonely people in the diner where she works.  She knows if she's with them on Thanksgiving, they'll be around again come Christmas.

A great shift is about to occur in the fabric of Cat's lonely world, as old SAMUEL PERKINS takes a seat at a corner table of the diner and drops a quarter in the broken jukebox and brings it to life.

From the rural depths of Virginia, Cat is about to embark on a journey west that will connect her to someone and something wrapped in the love she's been missing all her life. According to Samuel Perkins, a distant great-aunt has died leaving her entire estate to Cat.  Mr. Perkins has made all the necessary arrangements for Cat to go to Guthrie, Oklahoma and stay at a local bed and breakfast while she takes care of her aunt's estate.  

In Guthrie, Cat finds herself drawn in by the photographs and journal belonging to her great-great grandmother EMILY that is part of her aunt's estate.  She is intrigued by the story of the piano made for her by her husband, CHARLES, and the inscription of love he carved inside.  For the first time in her life, Cat has found a connection of love and family tied to something tangible and makes it her mission to find the antique piano. 

Cat also finds herself drawn to SEAN, the young, handsome, widowed owner of the bed and breakfast who has taken a special interest in her and her search.

As Cat follows leads in the present, we journey back into the past to 1880 where her great, great grandparents share the joy of their love through the piano Charles builds for his wife, Emily.  It is a gift of love that must soon be sacrificed when the couple faces tragedy, find themselves with a baby on the way and have no other way to feed their family.

The exquisite hand-carved piano is sold to the wealthy matriarch of the Fairchild family.  Through a series of loving acts, it ultimately winds up in the hands of the young daughter of impoverished immigrants, a child prodigy, who finds her way to Julliard and stardom as a concert pianist.  Cat heads to the Guthrie Historical Society and discovers that same child prodigy is SYLVIA STAR, one of the town's most famous residents.  Sylvia, now 90-years-old, still lives in Guthrie.  

Meanwhile, Cat's trip to the Historical Society dredges up painful reminders of loss for Sean whose wife, HOPE, worked there before her death helping to restore and sell historical artifacts from GUTHRIE’S past.  The pain of lost love mingles with his new feelings of affection for Cat as he prepares the bed and breakfast for Christmas, all the while praying the continued search for the antique piano will extend her stay.

Cat arranges a visit with the elderly Sylvia Star only to discover that the piano was destroyed in a tragic house fire at her parent's home while she was at Julliard.  Filled with new memories and bitter disappointment her search has found its end, Cat makes plans to go back to Virginia. 

One last time we go back in time to find that the piano's journey did not, in fact, come to an end.  It continued beyond the fire, silent until a terminally ill employee at the GUTHRIE Historical Society discovered it and dedicated her last days to lovingly refurbishing it and giving it a second chance at life.  That woman was Sean's wife who, sadly, did not live to complete the task.  Sean, is unaware of her restoration project until the day of her funeral when a close friend suggests he finish what she had begun as a way of healing his own pain.  Unbeknownst to Sean and Cat, the piano made by her great-great grandfather, whose outer appearance has changed from the long-ago photograph, now sits in the parlor of the bed and breakfast.

There are many layers of sadness in the air between Cat and Sean as she walks out the door of the bed and breakfast to head back to Virginia.  When she mentions the piano's inscription to Sean for the first time, he is dumbfounded. 

Taking Cat's hand, he leads her back inside to the parlor where he opens the piano and shows her the loving inscription - ”To Emily - the song in my heart that can never be silenced- Yours, Charles” -  Sean - she finally have a tangible connection to her past and future.  It was everything she'd been looking for and it was right in front of her the entire time.  At that moment, they both realize the piano has brought them together so both may have love restored in their lives.

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